Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life of a Under-Graduate

I have to fill in again don't I ? Recently, I was excepted to further my studies onto a higher plane of education that is in the diploma level in UTM International College, Kuala Lumpur. It was the highlights of my life, because I was excepted by one of the top Universities in Malaysia, even if I had already missed a couple of class. Firstly, I had to make a tough choice before getting into here, because at the same time, I've got to choose between the Matriculation course in Accounting of a Diploma in Quantity Surveying, but as you all know , I've chosen a safe road, that is to continue in Diploma.

The first day on arriving at UTMKL, it was quite interesting, because many of my long lost friend and my old friend is in here. But the downside of the day is the orientation , I was literally bored to death there, because the speech was making me yawn all day long.

Now, I've been here for about a month and I'm loving it :D

Friday, June 17, 2011

Filling in on my Life :D

Okay, since the last post , that is on the 17th of December 2010 ( That's a while back ), I've done many things to fill my free time after SPM.

My SPM result is not that bad, although its not as good as the others , I still have a chance to further my studies.

BAck to the story , I've started working at the Burger King for just a short amount of time, just approximately one month and a half, and I had make around just 600++ ( the pays sucks ) before I had to quit because my parents plans on bringing the whole family to Mecca to perform umrah for a week or two, but sadly , the Immigration of the Saudi Arabia could not give an answer whether its a pass on the Visa or not.

Then on the school vacation, My father brought our entire family and my uncle's family for a trip at Bandung, Indonesia. It was fun visiting other countries and see their cultures but the awful part of Indonesia is their road system, the road system is a mess, so we just spend most of our time in the car. After 4days there , we hop on a Plane and went home to Malaysia.

Shortly arriving, My buds and I had planned for a trip to Malacca the next day. Although tired with the Jet Lag and stuff, I pulled through to a 2hours drive to Malacca, We went there just because of some stuffs to take care of, but sadly, the trip there was considered a waste of time and money because the stuff can't be settled.

So that's all, thanks for reading this, Have a nice day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

awww, do you miss me ?

hello guys , i know i've been ignoring my blog for a long period of time,
the reason is, i've been so busy right now, i'll update it when i'n less busy , bbye,

Friday, December 17, 2010

What I think of Facebook

A place of lies, full of insecurity, and a bunch of judgemental eyes in every direction,
Facebook is all those things and we all know it, but why does we all have the urge to take a look at it every single day,
Some always make assumptions that Facebook can get rid of the boredness that is in all of us ,
but come to think of it , by checking Facebook we all will be even bored than we were before we opened it,
Facebook too can cause heart breaks and feelings hurt
so, as a conclusion , FB is mysterious :D

Monday, December 13, 2010

SPM is finally over

2 years of studying have come to an end,
the final judgement had just ended
and the students have to control their emotions for 3 whole months for the dreadful heart pounding results,
as for me, I had done my best and went all out ,
so I think I can atleast score 6A's, Insyaallah,
pray for my success guys :D

Thursday, November 25, 2010


How I Met Your Mother :
A Romantic-comedy type of story :D
Love IT !

The cast is totally hilarious !
I strongly recommend you guys to watch it !

The characters are : Ted Mosby, Marshall Ericksen, Lily Aldrin, Robin Scherbatsky, and my all time Fav Barney Stinson,
The Casts are : Josh Radnor , Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders and Neil Patrick Harris

I've watched all 5 seasons and I'm waiting for the new 6th season !

Monday, November 1, 2010

Why ?

Why do everything remind me of her ?
Her sweet smile
Her cute laugher
The way she pronounce words with 'S' in it
The things she loved

damn it !