Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pro's and Cons of a birthday

Today I'm gonna jot down the Pros and Cons of a brithday
The Pros are :
1.You will get tons of presents from beloved Family and Friends :D
2. Your Friends from Facebook will constantly wishing for your Birthday
3. You will feel a little matured
4. Get an entire day of free calls from Maxis :D or a Week for Celcom :D
5. Your phone will constantly be ringing
6. You can save money because suddently everyone will want to treat you

but in every good situations there is always a bad thing in it

The Cons are :
1. You will be covered in Egg yolk and Flour on the field after a tiring game of Football
2. You'll get fedup after replying to the Birthday wish on Facebook
3. You do not get to call others because eveyone want to borrow your phone
4. You will feel left out if your friends didn't remember your birthday
5. You will feel bumped out if the one you cared didn't wish you an your own birthday
6. you'll exhaust yourself

but I realy enjoyed my birthday
Thanks GUYS :D

P/S : these event's may be vary on anyone , cause this is mine :D

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