Friday, June 17, 2011

Filling in on my Life :D

Okay, since the last post , that is on the 17th of December 2010 ( That's a while back ), I've done many things to fill my free time after SPM.

My SPM result is not that bad, although its not as good as the others , I still have a chance to further my studies.

BAck to the story , I've started working at the Burger King for just a short amount of time, just approximately one month and a half, and I had make around just 600++ ( the pays sucks ) before I had to quit because my parents plans on bringing the whole family to Mecca to perform umrah for a week or two, but sadly , the Immigration of the Saudi Arabia could not give an answer whether its a pass on the Visa or not.

Then on the school vacation, My father brought our entire family and my uncle's family for a trip at Bandung, Indonesia. It was fun visiting other countries and see their cultures but the awful part of Indonesia is their road system, the road system is a mess, so we just spend most of our time in the car. After 4days there , we hop on a Plane and went home to Malaysia.

Shortly arriving, My buds and I had planned for a trip to Malacca the next day. Although tired with the Jet Lag and stuff, I pulled through to a 2hours drive to Malacca, We went there just because of some stuffs to take care of, but sadly, the trip there was considered a waste of time and money because the stuff can't be settled.

So that's all, thanks for reading this, Have a nice day.

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